Klimt session with Daphne

It began with a friends self portrait (top left). It read perfect for me to paint.

I had just watched , Woman in Gold and was once more inspired by Klimt.

The gold in her portrait and shirt called out to me for this project.

First:  I created several layers,  One in percolator , a couple in icolorama.

These were  designed as abstract compositions .

I created several more layers incorporating her portrait.

Using superimpose  I blended  all layers.   I then took it into icolorama and used bristle brush to isolate her face and hand.

I blended with previous composite of abstracts. (Left bottom.)

While I appreciated the composition it still felt incomplete. Now came the difficult part. To not be attached to ones work.

(Top right)

I began painting in ArtsetPro  isolating  her form. I might stil work into this one as it lends itself to a whole different story. 

(Bottom right) aiming to finish this particular portrait I forced myself to paint freely with no should be etc.

I painted in her arm etc etc, this particular piece made me really fall for digital painting. A fine replacement for traditional painting which requires far less clean up.


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